First Annual MOORE Toys & Gadgets Treasure Hunt

First Annual MOORE Toys & Gadgets Treasure Hunt

MOORE Toys & Gadgets (map)

Welcome to the 2018 MOORE Toys & Gadgets Treasure Hunt! 

Below are rules and guidelines to make the hunt fun, safe and friendly for everyone:

During the months of April, May, June, July and August we'll hide at least 20 different treasures.
• Treasures are gift cards with values of $10 to $25.
• All treasures will be hidden in mostly public areas in Downtown Wheaton with the boundaries of Franklin (North), Willow (South), Bridget Street (West) and Washington Street (East).
• Please only one treasure per family, per year.
• If you find a treasure, notify MOORE Toys & Gadgets immediately by: 
---commenting on the clue on Facebook with a picture of you holding the treasure at the location it was found,
---or if unable to post to Facebook, please call us 630.480.4285 and we will post an update so others are not looking in vain.
• A minimum of one treasure per week will be hidden. Clues will be posted to announce each new treasure.
• New clues will be given each week for treasures that have not yet been found.
• Keep it fun and friendly, but act fast because our fans are extremely smart and swift
• The last week will be the finale week with extra treasures hidden!

Clues will be posted every Friday afternoon through the end of August.